Eric Pelz

I'm a software engineer at Asana. I'm the tech lead of the Workflow Pillar, which includes the Automation, Communications, App Experience, Integrations, and API product teams. I used to be a people manager, and might manage again in the future. I spend a lot of time thinking about running effective teams, fostering growth, product+engineering collaboration, and engineering design patterns.

Posts about engineering

Preventing JavaScript bugs with static type checking

March 24, 2019 ▪ 7 min read

Summarizing research on catching bugs with TypeScript and Flow

How the best product engineering teams maximize value

April 16, 2018 ▪ 9 min read

Reducing risk, eliminating complexity, and sequencing effectively

Circumventing engineering complexity

September 11, 2017 ▪ 8 min read

Examples from building Custom Fields at Asana.

How to propel new engineers with code review

December 17, 2016 ▪ 9 min read

Maximizing mentorship, improving code quality, and saving time

Designing Simpler React Components

March 22, 2016 ▪ 12 min read

Patterns learned from porting the Asana application to React